We have a wide variety of classes.


  • Video classes that are available at your convenience. If there is no prescheduled instructor led class you can choose any of the Fitness on Demand classes. Each class will show 3 levels of difficulty: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced, you choose the level appropriate for you. Various classes are offered, including Yoga, Pilates, Kickboxing, Cardio, a variety of Dance-based classes and more. 


  • This Class will have everything you need rolled into 1 hour. 20 minutes of cardio, 20 minutes of strength, 20 minutes of core and flexibility. A great class for those who have worked hard all week or those who have not been able to. ALL fitness levels welcome! It's your class make as hard as you need or maybe a little lighter.


  • Body blasting, low impact, variable intensity workout consisting of a blend of strength, flexibility and cardio. Mindful movement presented in a challenging workout that every-BODY can do.


  • Uncomplicated moves and popular music combined together to make this class one of the best ways to get your cardio workout while still having fun. Suitable for all levels.


  • Get your heart rate up and keep it up. This class is a great chance for you to burn some calories and improve your cardiovascular wellness. Each instructor will bring their unique flair and expertise (think floor, step, and BOSU aerobics). Variety is the spice of life!


  • All rides are designed for all fitness and experience levels. Use these rides to enhance your exercise program and improve your muscular and cardiovascular endurance. Inspiring instructors, motivating music, and challenging class formats will help you make a strong mind body connection so you can exceed your own expectations! Our cycling schedule is ever evolving to meet our member’s needs and class attendance requirements.


  • Burn calories while having a blast in this class that incorporates music we all know with easy to follow dance moves. A great class for all levels.


  • Join us for a workout that uses your own bodyweight (and maybe some weights) to target multiple muscle groups at the same time for a more efficient workout. Easy to follow moves will help you strengthen and tone muscles and increase flexibility and balance all in this 1 hour class.


  • A gentle approach to stretching the body and mind. Fantastic no matter what your level


  • The best of Personal Training blended with the best of Group exercise. This exciting new format is focused on results. Every four weeks two instructors will work you through a combination of progressive strength and cardio exercises that will have you feeling strong, empowered and ready for whatever comes next!



Downtown Fitness Daily Schedule


  • This class offers postures presented in a more challenging way with a focus on the fundamentals of yoga and to increase strength and flexibility. Participants are encouraged to work on their own level. Don’t worry about not being able to do every pose; we are all a work in progress!


  • Some cardio, some strength, unlimited combinations to keep exercising fresh and interesting.


  • Focuses on developing strength through the core of the body, back, abdomen, hips, and pelvis to give overall body fitness, elongated muscles and balance between body and mind. You will also benefit from improved posture, increased lung capacity, increased strength and flexibility. 


  • Designed specifically for the young at heart, people recovering from an injury, beginners, and anyone looking for a great class that’s a little easier on the joints. These classes will focus on improving strength, endurance, range of motion, balance and an overall sense of well-being. Classes are low impact, even incorporating some chair exercises, while still giving you a great cardio and strength workout! Please note that the third Friday of every month will be an hour long Chair Yoga class with Cindy Sterling.


  • Make your body your machine. A full array of bodyweight exercises, using the TRX strap, to be performed anywhere, anytime, by any body.


  • Not ready for a full TRX class, then this is the class for you. You will have the option of using the TRX system or weights or a combination of both throughout the whole class. You choose what works best for you!


  • This fun, high energy program moves through a variety of exercises including: warm up, upper body, lower body and core, engaging all your muscles in a non-stop total body workout.


  • A classic one hour step class designed to challenge your body & your mind. The perfect class for intermediate to advanced steppers.


  • Change your body composition with strength training exercises that target all of your major muscle groups. Using weights that are appropriate but challenging for your level, you’ll work to get a stronger more lean body.